Above All

my ears, pressed on marbled plastic,
hardly privy to distant echoes of the driving
know we are plummeting upwards;
freed from her everyday tyranny.

benevolent, encompassing
with her speckled verde, azure, gris lies out,
distantly touches Star’s tranquil seas
cowling down.

Sprawling, spitefully following contours etched for eons
our bending concrete, asphalt beams
contain her forest dwindling

close the outer eyelid,
receive petulant saccharides from
suspicious, noxious fluid
avert from ongoing tragedy by means of indulgent sparkling

with ambience browning,
willpower waning
cooked by malicious curious
I yearn, must look forward
upon her.

gone is the sky sheen
which fluffy icecaps poked through,
as Star has left
perhaps disgusted, since

her skin has parts textured welts
and open bruises.
reeling, ruddy trees
donate life to nearing last gasps
then draft into our crucibles of pitiful avarice

like others, windy lake is abnormally clean
filched of all of its nutrients by aliens, and

though too far,
I know her surface to be devoid
of missed voices,

through it all,
visible are
individual plethoric lights,
many moving,
ignorant to it all.

What hoax? what finagling of data?
through the tears of whose petulant tantrum
does denial rear ignorance?

Contented orderly buildings
cheered vehicular waves compressing into the hub
They say I did return from the sky, but really,
twas another.


I’m Salty

Those tiny billboards flash just out of sight

I reach in pocket, trade food for later –

A can of soda, a tray of tater –

though I know I shall regret that night.


I blame them! That tyrannical sugar sprite

curses encounters; their twisted creator

intent on making his number greater.

His pockets heave out: someone is less light.


Mouthfeel comforts, embracing like brother,

traps in esophagus dread stunted.

could, should have stopped – but anxiety pulls~

Must reach again, and take another…


I should probably do more meditation,

Not sink in sugary placiation.